Free to good home…

Because of some life changes, I’m not really posting to this site anymore. Anyone interested in taking it over? Email me at :jttrails@hotmail.com


Hunting season

Rifle season starts Monday  Nov. 28th. We recommend staying out of the woods, except on Sundays, when there is no hunting allowed. See link in sidebar for all hunting seasons.


Snow! A little early, but JT got off pretty easy this time. About 6″ but not too many trees or limbs down. Lehigh Valley is much worse. Got out for a nice snow ride today on Mauch Chunk and Pisgah.


Wet. We got lots of rain last night and fog all day. More rain coming tonight. Ridge trails were not too bad. Mountain laurel is in full bloom.


Despite the rain all week,  the trails are in pretty good shape. Riding mauch chunk and pisgah now. Beautiful day…

All trails are in good shape.  Some standing water on Broad MT. With all of the heavy spring storms there is more erosion than normal.  This makes some trails even rockier than usual.


2-3″ of very hard and crusty snow in shaded areas and north slopes. Cold, windy, but sunny.